How to Aadhar Card Link with the Mobile Number: In Just 3 Steps

Linking your mobile phone number to Aadhaar card is one of the most important mandatory requirements set by the government of India under the order passed by the Apex court of our country. Every Indian citizen is to link the mobile number with Aadhaar number within 31st March or else the number could get deactivated.

If you have not still linked the mobile number, you can do it before 31st March through three different methods.

  1. Through OTP method
  2. Through a Telecomoperators toll-free number
  3. Visiting store or retailer

These are the only three ways that can be used for linking the mobile number with the Aadhaar card. PS: these methods cannot be used if you don’t already have an Aadhaar registered mobile number.


  • The only document required for the linking of mobile number with Aadhaar card is self-attested Aadhaar card if linking through retailer or store, and Aadhaar card number if linking through OTP or Telecom Operators toll-free number

Method 1: Through OTP method

This method can be used for both linking and re-verifying mobile number with Aadhaar card.

Here is the step by step procedure.

  • Step 1: Pick up the phone and dial 14546
  • Step 2: Now as the call connects, the recorder IVR will ask you to choose the nationality “Indian” or “NRI”
  • Step 3: Now the IVR will ask you the consent to verify the Aadhaar by pressing the number “1”
  • Step 4: Now the IVR will ask you to enter the “12-digit Aadhaar number” and press 1 to confirm, enter the number and press one for confirmation
  • Step 5: Now an OTP will be sent to your Aadhaar registered mobile number, now the IVR will ask you the consent to access your details like photo, DOB, name from the UIDAI database. Provide the consent.
  • Step 6: once you have provided the consent to access you UIDAI database, the IVR will read out the last 4 digits of your mobile number, if correct you will have to enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • Step 7: Now press 1 and the mobile number is linked.

Remember to keep your speaker volume as loud as you can hear them clearly. It will take 48-hours to complete the linking

Method 2: Through a Telecom operators toll-free number

This method can be used for verifying with your operator if the mobile number is linked or not.

  • Step 1: pick up your phone and call your operator’s toll-free number
  • Step 2: Select language and then select the option “Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number”
  • Step 3: now the IVR will ask you to enter the “12-digit Aadhaar number”, enter the Aadhaar number carefully and confirm the request by pressing 1
  • Step 4:now the mobile number will be verified and on successful completion, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number.

Method 3: Visiting store or retailer

This method can be done only by visiting the store/retailer.

  • Step 1: Visit the telecoms operator store or an outlet nearby to your place.
  • Step 2: Provide the mobile number to be linked to the Aadhaar to the staff.
  • Step 3:Now the staff will ask for your Aadhaar card, provide them your self-attested Aadhaar card copy.
  • Step 4: Now the staff will feed the data to their system and the system will send an OTP to your Aadhaar registered number.
  • Step 5: Check your mobile for the OTP and provide the OTP to the staff.
  • Step 6: Now the staff will ask you to provide your fingerprint for verification, provide the verification and you will receive an SMS to your mobile number
  • Step 7: Reply the “y” to the message and then your linking is complete.

These are the only three methods to link your mobile number with Aadhar number. PS: this is linking and is entirely different from registering the mobile with Aadhar.