How to Add a New PF Account Number to the UAN?

PF number can be added to the UAN only by the employer and the members cannot do it of their own. The idea is listing multiple PF IDs and numbers under one Universal Account Number. This is a great help to the members who can view the details of all their PF account numbers and can also check their eligibility to claim the transfers online. There are a number of options available in the menu “Previous Member ID” such as “List Previous Member ID” and “View Status”. In the times to come, due to the form 11 of PF, all the Member IDs will get linked to the UAN automatically. Members are required to share their previous PF account number or the UAN number to the new company and this can be done with the help of form 11.

UAN or the Universal Account Number remains same for one individual throughout his career span. It is one place where all your PF account IDs are maintained. It can be easily explained with the help of an example wherein your multiple bank account numbers are maintained under PAN card. Similarly, in case you change your job, the new employer will give you a new PF member ID in case they are making a contribution to the EPF. This PF account number will be linked to the UAN.

  • In case a member doesn’t have a UAN, it is most likely that it is his first employment or maybe he was working way before 2014 January when the process of UAN started. Employer of such a member will then request the EPFO for the generation of UAN as well as the Member ID.
  • In case a member is already possessing a UAN, his company will request the EPFO to create a new ID for the member and also link it with UAN of the member. For this Form 11 would need to be filled.

In case you started working before 2014 September when UAN was initiated and have an old PF number, you can connect the account with UAN using the option “List Previous Member Id.”

In case you have many PF member IDs and one UAN then you can connect all of those IDs with the current UAN number. This is helpful if one needs to connect the previous PF account even when the UAN was not existing. First step is to link and then followed by transfer. This can be done from the Unified Portal also but it redirects you to member claims page of EPFO services website.

Adding a new PF account number to the UAN is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1 – Obtain the UAN from your Company

Get the UAN from your employer as the EPF department allots the UAN and shares it with the employers. Therefore most likely your employer shall share the UAN number with you. Also if the employer has not shared it with you yet, you can still have it validated whether your UAN is issued or not. You can follow the steps for the same:

  1. Go to official website of UAN members:
  2. Select the State and area code of EPF
  3. Punch in your Establishment Code and PF number.

Hit “Check Status” and you will find a message displaying “UAN is activated” if it is currently activated by EPF. In case it is activated, get in touch with your employer.

You can also verify if UAN is allocated against the EPF or not. Also please note that UAN can only be allotted to members who are active and contributing. In case the accounts are dormant or inactive, they will get closed. For example, a member has 3 PF accounts and 2 of them are dormant, they must immediately check the status through their currently active PF account number.

Step 2 – UAN Activation

  • You can get your UAN Activated through the UAN members’ website.
  • Punch in your details such as UAN, EPF account number and mobile number.
  • You would receive an authorization PIN on your registered mobile number which you will submit and get your UAN Activated.
  • After generation of your Login ID and Password, your registration process is completed.