How to Delete your Current UAN Number and Get New UAN?

At times, out of confusion an employee can get two different UANs from two different companies, if such a case happened with you, you must inform either your current company or the EPFO about it. It is because one member can have only one UAN throughout their career.

Now as such employee cannot do anything like deleting his UAN himself but only EPFO can do so. There are two methods of the same:

  • The employee needs to report the duplicate UAN immediately to either their current company or the EPF. If they want to connect with the EPFO, they must send in an email to the address – In this email, mention the current as well as the previous UAN. After due verification, the UAN allotted previously would be blocked and the one issued later or the current would be active. After this, the employee can submit the request to transfer the PF money to the current active UAN.
  • The second method is totally automatic and now can be done for the future processes as well. The step by step process of the same is as under:

1. The members should apply for transfers of EPF from the past EPF account to the latest one. You can use the OTCP portal for the same and do it online.

2. The system would automatically recognize that the PF transfer is happening between two UANs of the same individual.

3. All of those old EPF account numbers or UANs would be deactivated once the amount is credited. The old UANs will be blocked and cannot be used further.

4. After this the EPF account number will be linked with the new UAN and the employees will also receive an alert regarding the same on their registered contact number.

5. The previous UAN will also get deactivated and the employee will get an SMS alert regarding the same as well.

6. In case the employee wants the complete and updated status of his EPF account, he can then have the UAN activated with the help of his employer.

7. After getting the UAN activated, you would be able to receive updates and alerts regarding your PF account on your registered mobile number.

Things to remember

  • The process of integrating two or more UANs of a same individuals is carried out on a periodic basis by the EPFO. It can also be processes even if they have no new requests related to PF withdrawals or transfers from the members.
  • It is also a probability that the employees may receive the EPF amount in arrears from past company and in such a case, the EPF system is aware of the new UAN and would automatically have the UAN in ECR. The amount shall be forwarded against the new UAN only.
  • Also, it is important to update the UAN and KYC also so that the updates regarding the funds could be received regularly. Ensure that your mobile number, email address and bank account details etc are all fed in the system.