How to do EPF Account Name Change, Correction Form

The employees can now change their name in the EPF Database and this provision is allowed by the EPFO. At times, the name could be fed incorrectly in the database which could be due to human error. For this, they need to apply for the change with the help of their employer and also need to provide the additional documents for the same. The members need to correct their details on the EPF Portal for members.

The EPFO has issued a circular to the field offices regarding the supporting documents that are required in case the member wants to change their name on their account along with the flowchart of the entire process. The employees usually endure a lot of struggle as the rules of the Government are quite strict and the employer is also not capable of processing the account with incorrect details. Sometimes, the name mentioned on the Aadhaar card and the EPF account are different and do not match therefore, EPF has provided a link to the EPFO wherein the members can correct their name in their respective EPF accounts.

What can possibly go wrong due to the incorrect details in the EPF Account?

Well, there are a lot of problems that one may go through in case the details mismatch therefore the following issues can come up:

  • When the member is planning to withdraw the funds and if there is a minor mistake in the details they may face trouble. They need to fill up a withdrawal form and the details mentioned in that form must match, in case of a mismatch the withdrawal of the PF amount can become a big pain area.
  • In case the request details and the records do not match, any request made would get declined.
  • It is extremely essential to keep a check on the status of documents especially at the time of submission of documents at the time of registration. In case of a minor mismatch, the entire transfer process can come to a standstill.
  • The details of the nominee mentioned must be clear and precise, otherwise the claim process will get hindered. Also it is important to keep the details of nominee updated.
  • Correct date of joining is very important in case you want to calculate the EPF contribution over a number of years. Also you can always remember that in case you want to withdraw the PF amount after 5 years when it would be tax free. Therefore make sure that you remember and mention the accurate date.
  • The best thing you can do is checking the details of your account beforehand. This is a very smart step in case you want the process to flow smoothly and have the withdrawal easily. The correction process will become much easier and simpler.

What are the EPF rules for change or modification of Account holder’s name?

Just because the member want to change their name or correct their name, any change won’t take place. The request has to be made from the employee along with the employer to correct or modify the employee’s name. They would then need to request the Local EPF office for name change and also some additional documents would be required for the same as classified in the notification by the EPFO.

What are the various documents required for name change in EPF record?

Government has given out a list of acceptable documents which facilitate the change of name in the records of EPF. Below mentioned are the same:

  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • ESIC card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passbooks from bank or post office
  • Educational Certificates from school
  • Copy of a utility bill such as water, electricity or phone which has your correct name.
  • Certificates/records of death or birth as allotted by the registrar
  • A certificate of Government service (based on the records of government-state or central)
  • Sometimes, in certain extreme cases, a letter is issued by a recognized public figure, which can be used a proof of correct name but needs to be verified by the proper authorities.

What all is required in the correction form of EPF for Name Change?

In the correction form of EPF, the members are required to fill in the address details of the regional commissioner of EPFO, along with their name and company’s name. They need to fill in the correct details in the columns and only in those columns where it is being asked to fill in. Rest all would be kept blank.

What Corrections can be made using this EPF Correction form?

With the help of EPF Correction form, you can change the following:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Father’s/Spouse’s name
  • Date of joining and leaving
  • PF account number
  • Contact details – Phone number or Email Address.

What is the process to change EPF Account Name?

The process to change the EPF account name is quite simple, follow the below mentioned steps for the same.

  • Download the form and fill in the details on your computer.
  • Take a print out and sign it and also get the same signed by the employer along with the company seal.
  • Now you are required to attach the copy of your ID proof along with the application. This ID proof must be self-attested.
  • It is not employer’s responsibility to forward the application to the concerned regional PF commissioner.

How can one change the date of birth in the EPF account?

The process to change the employee’s birth date is similar to that of change/modification in name. The documentation which may be needed in this scenario might be different but the process that is being followed is same. Submit an application to the local field office of EPF along with the necessary documentation.

How can one change the name in the EPF Account?

If the members want to have their name changed in their respective EPF accounts, they need to submit an application through their employer to the local field EPF office along with the necessary and important documentation. You may be required to provide PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, ESIC ID Card, Voter ID Card, Ration card, Aadhaar Card, copy of passbook of Post office or bank, Educational certificates, and copy of water, telephone and electricity bills (Utility bills) which are in the name of the member. For any further information, you can get in touch with your employer.

How can one change or correct the name in the EPF account due to marriage?

Often women are subjected to change their name or add a new surname to their maiden name after marriage. This is also a provision made by the EPFO wherein one can change their name in database of EPF after marriage. In case they are changing their names in the office records and the bank records, they must also change the same in the database of EPF as well. In order to change or modify the name or adding the surname in PF account after marriage, the members are required to fill up a prescribed form and submit the same along with the copy of their marriage certificate.

In case, the name in the office and bank records are not changed then do not get it changed in the EPF database. All the details should be similar and in case the EPF and the bank details do not match, you won’t be able to withdraw the PF corpus.


Having said that, we can conclude by saying that even a minor error in any detail of the member can actually put your hard earned money at risk. Most of the times, these errors are usually detected at the time of withdrawals or transfers. In case the spelling of your name is incorrect or if your date of birth mentioned is incorrect, it will lead to a number of complications and then a lot of documents and evidences. Therefore it is best to keep a check on the details of the EPF account.