EPF Mobile App – UAN Activation, Passbook Balance Status

In the modern age of technology, everything is becoming user friendly and easy. Mobile apps have become part of our lives then why not the Government schemes. Yes, the EPFO or Employer’s Provident Fund is now available on your mobile. You can use it by directly downloading the app from the Google Play Store or iStore. You can also use the new UMANG App from the same locations to use at least 42 Government services right on your mobile. But how it can change your world? Well, the EPF has been made as easy as possible now thanks to the Mobile apps. You can actually do most of the things through the mobile app,  check your balance and activate UAN and much more through websites.

Here are the EPF Mobile App features that you can use through the mobile apps.

You can download APP Here from Google Play Store


From iTunes


UAN Activation

As you are already aware, the Government has issued UAN, a unique number for each employee. So, instead of the Provident Fund Number, you will be linked to your UAN every time you change your job. The employer provides you the UAN but it is the job of the employee to activate the same to carry out the remaining functionalities.

When you download and login to the Mobile app through the UAN number, you will see the screen. There will be basically two options, Activate and Balance/Passbook. However, you cannot use the Balance/Passbook option unless you have activated the UAN. So, in order to do that you need to click on the Activate button.

This will take you to the new screen where you have to select multiple options regarding your employer. The first one is to select the Establishment Code. Then provide the Extension number followed by the Employee number. You have to enter the 12 digit UAN number and finally, the Mobile number registered. Check the declaration for the correct details before clicking on the Activate button. Your account will be activated.

However, ensure that even though your UAN is activated but it takes some time to reflect the same. So, have the patience for the same. All the details that you require for the Employer will be provided by the Employer if requested.

Once you have activated your UAN you are good to go to check your Balance/Passbook for EPF.


You can instantly check your passbook or the balance amount in the UAN through your mobile. However, you need to ensure that your UAN is registered with your mobile number. This can be done while registering for the EPF through the website or the app registration. All you have to do is to click on the Balance/Passbook to check the latest balance in your PF account.

Other Methods

There are plenty of other methods as well by which you can actually use the UAN services and do even more.


If you log in to the Member portal of the UAN https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ then you can log in to your UAN account. Here are the different things that you can do with the website.


You can claim your EPF from your current and previous employer without the signature of the employer. You can actually provide the reason for the withdrawal and can claim the PF with a click. However, there are restrictions on the EPS section.


If all of your Provident Fund accounts are not linked to your UAN then you can transfer the pending amount to the UAN. In fact, if you have multiple UAN accounts by mistake, then you can merge the funds as well. However, you need to link your Aadhaar Card and Bank details to the UAN account in order to do that.

Member Passbook

You can also check the Member Passbook from the website from this website https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp .  You have to log in to the website and see the balance.

The Member Passbook balance is only available after 6 hours of registration or the activation of the UAN account.


You can SMS at 7738299899 for activation of the UAN.

Miss Call

You can even give a missed call to 011 2290 1406 to know about the Passbook balance and other details.