EPFO Login: Learn to Use EPFO Unified Portal

The Employees Provident Fund Organization or EPFO is a statutory government body and one of the largest social security organizations in India as it covers a large number of beneficiaries and it conducts high financial transactions. It is governed by the Ministry of Labor & Employment.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Ordinance was passed in the year 1951 and Employees’ provident Fund Act was passed in 1952. Today, the Employees’ Provident Fund Act, 1952 is known as Employees’ PF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. It is applicable across India, except Jammu & Kashmir.

What is EPFO Member Portal?

The EPFO member portal (https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/) offers all the services and information related to EPF. To check your EPF balance, you have to login to the portal and access your online EPF passbook account.

The portal is intended to help you know your existing EPF balance and you don’t have to wait for EPF receipts by the end of the year. It is another convenience for you as you can access the portal anytime by entering details and you can view all the accounts online. You can also get SMS when e-passbook is made online.

How to Login to EPFO Member Portal?

Here are the steps to visit EPFO Member portal –

  • First of all, open the Employee Provident Fund member portal.
  • Fill in the details required in the main page to complete your registration.
  • Enter the correct type of document as you will need to log into the portal with same details offered by you. Once you have registered, log into EPFO member portal. For example, if you want to register with PAN card, select PAN number under “Select any one document” tab and enter your details.
  • Check the details before you submit to get PIN number.
  • You will get the PIN for authorization purpose once you submit the details.
  • Enter the PIN for authorization so you will be registered thereafter.

How to Login to EPFO Member Portal?

The EPFO has another system for employers so they can transfer claims in a very convenient and efficient way. To log in to EPFO member portal, the process is same for employers as that of employees.

Employers should have a UAN which has been activated and registered with EPFO portal. To avail the services, it is important for employers to use their UAN as user ID and password which was created when it was activated. Employers can access the online services, such as payment of ECR challan, registration of new establishment, approving EPF claims, and assigning employees with EPF accounts, among others.

It is mandatory for an employer to register their establishment on EPFO portal as all the PF contributions and other activities can be performed online only with the portal. It is important to upload the Electronic Challan and Return in this portal in the prescribed receipt and proforma which will be populated. You can also avail most of the services with EPFO employer portal when you register for the same.

EPFO Employer Registration for the First Time

Here are the steps for EPFO Employer registration and login for the first time if you are a new employer –

  • First of all, register your company or establishment at EPFO portal.
  • Upon registration, you can get temporary login details on the mobile number as SMS
  • Visit UAN Employer Portal and use your temporary login details to access it and it will ask you create your permanent user and password.

EPF Employer Login

After following the above steps, once you are registered successfully, be sure to go through these steps –

  • Visit the EPF Employer portal directly and login with your user and password through “Employer Sign In”.
  • Once you login successfully, you can check your “Employer Profile” directly on the side of screen. Be sure to verify all the details, including –
  • Company Name
  • EST ID
  • PF Status – Exempted or Un-Exempted
  • EDLI – Exempted or Un-Exempted
  • Pension – Exempted (EPS Status) or Un-Exempted
  • PF Office
  • Address

Keep in mind that password for Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) and Employer login at Unified portal is same.

EPFO Employer Login – Forgot Username or Password?

If you forgot your username or password, click the link for forgot password or username on employer portal. Click the link and provide the establishment id and either your registered mobile number or user id (if you remember) or registered email. It will send you the details of your user and password.

EPFO Portal FAQs

What is UAN? How it’s the part of EPF Programme?

The Universal Account Number or UAN is a 12-digit account number which will be assigned to each EPF member and it will be generated for each member by EPFO. The UAN number covers the member ID which is allotted to the employee when they are hired by many establishments.

Hence, several Member Identification Numbers are linked by the Universal Account Number which is assigned to one member. A member can access the details based on their member identification numbers with this facility once they are registered and have their UAN number. Throughout the career of an employee, the UAN number will be the same.

How to check UAN number?

Contact the employer to know your UAN number. It is mandatory for all employers to have details about the UAN number of their employees.

What are the minimum employees needed to fall under the Act in an establishment?

In an establishment, the minimum number of employees needed is no less than 19 employees under this Act.

What about the e-governance programs EPFO has undertaken?

Online Registration of Establishment (OLRE), Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP), and Online Monthly Return for Exemption Establishment are the initiatives conducted by EPFO.

In case an employee leaves the job and joins a new organization, how to withdraw funds from PF account and Pension Fund using UAN portal?

In case an employee leaves your organization and joins a new employer, they need to transfer funds to the new account under the current employer. With the help of UAN facility, you can transfer funds from one account to another if employee’s Member ID I s linked. It can be made possible once the KYC detail is verified by both companies.

How to contact UAN Helpdesk?

You can email at uanepf@epfindia.gov.in or call at the toll-free number 1800 118 00 to get in touch with UAN Helpdesk if you have any doubts or queries regarding UAN member portal.

How much employee’s wage should be to make PF contribution?

The employee should be paid in cash to be considered when it comes to estimate the monthly PF contribution. It excludes categories of wage, such as House Rent Allowance (HRA), Overtime Allowance, bonus, commission or any incentives, presents given by the employer, and others.

Do the schemes provided by Employee Provident Fund Organization fall under any tax benefit?

On the EPF that employee earns, tax is not applicable at all. The employer’s contribution is not taxable and contribution of employee for up to Rs. 1 Lac is deducted from the income which is taxable under Income Tax Act Section 80(C). According to t he rate specified by the EPFO, the interest accrued is not taxable as well. It is applicable only in terms of EPF scheme of the government.

What is DSC or Digital Signature Certificate? How does it fall under EPFO?

Digital signature certificate is an electronic form of certificate hardcopies, such as driving license, passport, etc. These documents will serve as an identity proof for those applying for specific services online and to sign documents digitally. With the initialization of Information Technology Act, 2000, DSC has become valid in India legally.

EPFO mentions that its users should use DSC to attest their claims online and also to submit other details online and to verify their identity. Once it is submitted and attested there digitally, you won’t need to submit any document to EPFO office.

How to buy digital signature certificate? 

You should approach the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) and Certifying Authorities (CA), such as eMudhra, NIC, n-code, TCS, MTNL, etc. by the government of India to acquire the legally valid Digital Signature Certificate.

Who is certifying authority?

Certifying Authority is a recognized regulatory body which renews, issues, and revokes Digital Signature Certificate. The Certifying Authorities are authorized to issue Digital Signature Certificate under the Information Technology Act 2000. NIC, TCS, e-Mudhra, MTNL, and n-code are some of the Certifying Authorities.

What is the mode for Employers to pay the PF outstanding?

Employers should use Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) to pay the PF outstanding.

How are ECR (Electronic Challan cum Return) documents generated?

The EPFO uses an e-return tool to generate the ECR documents.

Is the EPFO issued Pension Scheme, Provident Fund Scheme and Insurance Scheme mandatory?

Of course, the Insurance Scheme, Provident Fund Scheme and Pension Scheme introduced by EPFO are mandatory for employees who are under wage ceiling which is set by their employer.