How to Know/Find EPF Member ID From Unified Portal?

What is an EPF? – The Employee provident fund or the EPF was created to ensure that the financial security and the stability is provided to the old and elderly people. When a person begins his career and starts contributing towards EPF on a monthly basis, it results in a huge corpus which he can utilize during his time of need. The 12% of the basic salary plus the DA is the contribution is made by the employee and the employer. This is done on a monthly basis and sums up to 24% of the savings per month.

The employees are entitled to the interest on the EPF, the rate of which is usually determined by the central government. The interest is then calculated at the end of the fiscal and it is compounding in nature.

Besides, it also provides nomination facility. With this, the member can have his/her mother, father, spouse or kids as their nominee. As a matter of fact, siblings cannot be considered to be nominated. In case the member dies within the service, his nominee is reached out to and the corpus is handed over. The nominee should be from the family and in case of marriage, a new nomination form needs to be filled. The nomination facility was offered keeping in mind the trustworthy handling of the assets and money of the member after the death.

The members can also enjoy the Tax Benefits that one gets from contribution towards EPF. This contribution from employer is exempted from tax but the employee’s part is taxable and also entitled for deduction. In case the member withdraws the money after 5 years, even then it is exempted from tax.

What is UAN?

The 12 digit unique number as allotted to all the employees who are contributing to the Employee Provident Fund is called as the UAN or Universal Account number. This UAN is simply an advancement of EPF service and pushing it to become more user friendly and on a digital medium. UAN remains same throughout the tenure of ones’ career.

The UAN is allocated by the EPFO wherein the same is communicated to the employer and then the employer further communicates the same to the employee. In case of the employee’s first job, the Member id would also get created along with the UAN from the EPFO.

The member IDs are linked to the UAN and the members will then provide the KYC details to the employers which the employer would get updated on the website of the EPF.

How to know/Find EPF member ID from Unified Portal of UAN?

Finding the EPF member id is very easy and a number of methods can be utilized for checking as to how may member IDs are connected to UAN. As we know that the EPF number or the member id is given by the EPF and it allows the employer to make a contribution towards the employee’s EPF – Employee Provident fund and the EPS – Employee Pension Scheme. In case the member decides to change the job the PF contribution is that made to a new PF account as issued by the new employer. In the process of which, there were a number of PF account numbers people had so keeping this in view, all the PF Accounts are now being linked to UAN. To find out the number of member ids you can choose either of the methods:

=> Log on to the official link of UAN portal and go to “View” and then “Service History”

=> Visit the official EPFO page and go to “Our Services” and then “Employees” and then “Know your Claim Status”. Punch in the UAN and the Catpcha Code and “Enter”. A new page will open up where in you will find the number of PF accounts listed under one UAN. In case any of the PF accounts are missing, they must be connected to UAN.

=> Alternatively, you can also visit the new unified UAN portal – login using your credentials (UAN and Password). You may also activate your UAN from this portal. After logging in, you will see a very user friendly interface and menu items. You have to click on “View EPF Passbook”, “UAN Card” and “Account Setting” which you will be able to find on the front page itself and on the right hand side you will be able to check out your “Member Profile”. You can also pick up your PF account or Member ID details from the profile.

How is Member ID different from UAN?

The EPF money of is shared in equal between the Employee and the Employer and the Employer is accountable to submit the employee’s money to the EPF. This money as deposited by the employer consists of the employee and employer contribution along with the employee pension scheme. This member ID is the PF account number which is allotted by the EPF to the employer for the member so that they can made the EPF and EPS contribution for the member. The employer has to get the PF account opened for the member or the employer and then contribute to it every month. In case an employee changes his/her job then it is the accountability of the new employer to open a new account for the members.

Therefore, Member ID and the PF number are the same. The PF number is in the below mentioned format

Region/EPFO Office Code/Establishment Code (Max. 7 Digits)/ Extension (Max. 3 digits)/ Account Number (Max 7 digit)

The 12 digit unique number which is allotted to all the employees, who are making a contribution to the EPF, is the UAN or the Universal Account Number. Throughout his/her career, an employee can have only one UAN or Universal account number. All the various member IDs of a person are connected under one Universal Account number. Just like all the accounts are now linked to the PAN or the Permanent Account number, similarly all the PF account numbers will now be linked under the UAN.

In case the member doesn’t have a UAN number, the reason could be that this might be his/her first employment or he started working when the UAN process wasn’t introduced (Before Jan 2014). In such a case, the employer of such an employee will raise a request to the EPFO and get the UAN and the Member ID generated for the employee.

In case the member already as a UAN, then the employer needs to raise a request to the EPFO to create a new member ID for the member and connect it to the UAN of the employee with the help of Form 11.

How can one check the number of PF accounts that are linked to the UAN?

Through the Unified Member portal or the UAN Website one can find out the various PF accounts connected to UAN. For the same,

Log on to the website and go to “View”, and then “Service” and then “History”.

Here you will be able to get an overview of the multiple organizations that you have worked with along with the below mentioned details:

  • PF Account number or Member ID
  • Name on the records of EPF as per the organization.
  • Name of the organization/s you worked with.
  • Date of joining EPF – Date of joining in the particular company
  • Date of exit EPF – Date of resignation from that particular company
  • Date of joining EPS – Employee Pension Scheme – Same as EPF Date of joining.
  • Date of exit EPS – Same as Date of Exit of EPF
  • Date of joining FPS – Family Pension Scheme – Same of EPF/EPS Date of joining. It is no more operational as it is now replaced with EPS and not available for people joined post year 1995.
  • Date of exit FPS – Not available for people joined after the year 1995.

On the top-right hand corner, you can see a link “Detailed View” where you can find more details such as the detailed description of the PF as connected to UAN. Along with the PF exemption and the reason of leaving the job.

If you click on the tabular view, you would be able to see the details in the table format.