How To Get UAN Number Through PF Account Number if you forgot?

Every individual who contributes towards the PF account is given a universal account number by the EPFO. This is a unique number and everyone has one different than the other and allows the members to have an access of their PF account so that they can check the money being deposited or can withdraw and transfer the money without any kind of interference from the employer.

But at times, we are not able to find the UAN details or forgot so to get started let us check out the process to get the UAN through the PF account number:

To generate the UAN number, you must have the following details handy – 

  • PF number which you can obtain from your pay slip.
  • Birth date – As per the records of EPF which may sometimes be different.
  • Full Name – As per the records of EPF.
  • Mobile number – As you will receive a PIN on your number as registered with the PFO.

The process to check the status of your UAN through the PF number is outlined as under

Step 1

  • Find the PF details on your salary slip as usually the PF number is mentioned there. Generally UAN is provided by the employer as the EPFO shares the UANs of all the members with the employer. So if your employer doesn’t share the UAN, don’t worry as you still have your PF account number and in case even that is not being provided, get the details from the HR.

Step 2 

  • Check the status of UAN if it has been activated or not. In case you don’t have the UAN, check if there is any allotted by the EPFO and in case it is not allotted generate it then.
  • To check the status of UAN, follow the process below:
  • Go to the UAN members’ portal: and fill in the relevant details such as the state and the jurisdiction of the EPF office.
  • Punch in your PF account number which is made up of various parts such as region, office, code of the establishment, extension and the PF number. It may look like this – KN/BN/364734/000/35772 where KN denotes Karnataka (the region), BN stands for Bangalore (PF Office), 364734 (the code of the establishment), 000 is the extension and 35772 is the PF number. Also in case your PF number has not extension number, just leave it empty.
  • Hit “Check Status”. In case your UAN is activated you will receive a message and it denotes that a UAN has been allotted to you by EPFO and it’s activated. But in case it doesn’t show your UAN, you can generate one.

How to generate the UAN?

It is very easy to generate the UAN and anyone can do it. The process for the same is as under:

  • Visit the official website of EPFO and find “Our Services”
  • Click on link “For Citizens”. This page will have a link where you can register your UAN so click on that link.
  • Punch in your details such as mobile number, KYC details, personal details and the bank details. You may also have to upload a picture of yours followed by the scanned picture of your signature.
  • After filling in all the details, you will receive an authorization PIN which you will enter and then create the UAN.
  • But in case EPFO has allotted you the UAN, and you are not aware of what it is and even employer is also not able to give it to you then follow the steps below:
    • You can find your UAN through the following steps:
    • In case the UAN is already allotted, and after you click on “Check Status”, you will then see a message displayed on your screen “a UAN has been allotted for Member ID xxxxx”. This is the employers’ number and now you will be redirected to the verification page.
    • Punch in the details required for your verification such as name, birth date, contact number and the email address.
    • Create a password now as prompted.
    • And Get the PIN on your mobile number.
    • Enter this PIN and then Submit.
    • You will now again be directed to the page “Check Status” where the UAN is displayed and the details are also shared with the member through SMS. You can save this UAN for further requirement.

Step 4: UAN Activation

While the process of generating the UAN is described, the process to activate the UAN is pretty easy too. If you have the PF account number you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official portal of UAN Members. Punch in the details such as UAN, contact number and PF account number.
  • You will now get an authorization PIN on your contact number and you will be required to submit this PIN in order to activate the UAN.
  • After you have successfully activated the UAN, you need to enter some more details such as name, name of the father, birth date and then you will then be prompted to generate a password.
  • The UAN acts as a username and the password is just what you created in the earlier step.

How to get the UAN from the e-sewa portal?

  • Go to the homepage of Unified portal and hit “Know your UAN Status”
  • Fill in the relevant details of your PF and then click “Check Status”
  • You will be then asked for your personal details which will be used to verify the same.
  • You will now get to know if your UAN is allotted or not. You would be required to share more details for the due verification such as name, DOB, mobile number etc. and these should match the records as present in the EPFO database.
  • Then create a password because after the verification this is required. Fill in the Captcha code and “Get PIN”
  • Enter the PIN and click on “I Agree” checkbox and submit.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where your UAN will be displayed in Green font. The message would read as “Your UAN is XXXXXXXXXXXX”
  • Log on to the UAN members portal with UAN as your login id and the password created in the initial step.
  • You will also receive SMS alert of your UAN.

What is the process to generate the UAN through PF number?

To generate the UAN through PF number, follow the following steps:

  • Login to the Unified portal
  • Go to the link “UAN Allotment” located on the left hand side of the homepage of this website.
  • From the dropdown menu select the state and the EPF Office.
  • Enter the Aadhaar card number and hit the “Generate OTP” button. You will now receive an OTP on your registered contact number.
  • Enter the OTP and you will be now required to accept the Disclaimer which you can do by clicking on the box. “Submit” the same and proceed.
  • You would be able to see the basic details as present against the UID number entered.
  • The members will now verify their details and enter the information in the mandatory fields as required on the screen.
  • Enter the Captcha and Click on the “Register” button.
  • After registering the UAN will be allotted and also shown to the user as a SMS.