How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Online in Arunachal Pradesh

If you are a resident of Arunachal Pradesh and if you have applied for Aadhaar card in the state then you must know that there is a way to track the status of the Aadhaar card with help of the UIDAI portal. This can be done online and in this article, we have listed the process to check the status of the Aadhaar card via online method.

Steps to check Aadhaar Card Status in Arunachal Pradesh

Here is the process to check the Aadhaar card status in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Go to the UIDAI portal to check the status of the Aadhaar card as all the facilities in regards to the Aadhaar card are made available via UIDAI portal. The link for the portal is
  • Once you are on the portal, you would have to scroll down to the section of Aadhaar Enrolment Services. In this section, you need to click on Check Aadhaar Status. The external URL for this is
  • A new page will be displayed when you click on this URL and this page would prompt you to enter the enrolment ID, date, time and the security code. Enter all these details and click on the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you click on the submit button, the page will be refreshed and the status of the Aadhaar card will be displayed. This way you can now if the Aadhaar card has been generated or not.

Before you escalate any delay, you must note that the standard lead time for the Aadhaar card to be issued is 3 months. So you must wait for three months before you actually escalate the issue. For any other help, you can call the helpdesk at 1947.