How To Update Gender Details on EPFO’s UAN?

Since November 2017, the PF Department have initiated an opportunity wherein the members can update their name, date of birth and gender through the help of Unified Portal. This is based on the database of Aadhaar. In case the details in your Aadhaar card and UAN do not match and it is challenging for you to update the same in UAN, need not worry as now it has become very easy to update and correct the data in the UAN Database with the help of Unified Portal. As we are aware that Government has made it mandatory for all to link the Aadhaar with the UAN however, for many members it is a huge task to achieve wherein they need to update the name, DOB and gender in UAN. There are two reasons for that:

  1. Initially EPFO announced that the details can be updated from the UAN helpdesk however many subscribers faced issues and found out that it was not operating efficiently.
  2. The second reason is that with the inefficiency of the UAN Helpdesk, the only choice left for employees was to have their details updated through their current employers. Now this was again very tiring and laborious process wherein both, the employer and the employee, submit a joint declaration so that the fields in the UAN database could be corrected.

But both of these processes have created a burden on the employees and have left them in a jeopardy wherein they have a strict deadline to correct and update the data.

What is the procedure to correct the details on EPF UAN?

The process to update the UAN database is quite simple. Follow the below mentioned steps for the same:

Step 1–Enter the Official website of UAN member portal with the credentials (UAN and Password)

Step 2 – Go to the tab “Manage” and choose “Modify Basic Details”

Update gender details in UAN

Step 3 – Fill in your Aadhaar Card number and move further to enter the details – Name, DOB, Gender etc. This should be as per the record of Aadhaar card.

Step 4 – Click on “Update Details” and you will be redirected to a new page wherein the details entered by you could be seen. Additionally, you can also see the status of your entered details and you can also delete the request but this can only be done before the employer approves your request.

In case the UAN is already authenticate as per Aadhaar, you would not be able to change the details.

How will the data get updated after the request is submitted by you?

Once the request is raised by you for the change/modification in the data, the below mentioned process will be initiated at the back end.

  1. The employer after logging in to the Employer Interface of UAN portal will see the change requests as submitted by the employees. They only need to click on the “Member” and then go to “Details Change request”.
  2. Employer can now take an action as it deem fit and also need to give a remark.
  3. After they approve the request, they can also view the status of the request.
  4. After this approval, the request will then further go to the EPFO wherein the concerned authority of EPFO (Dealing Assistant) would need to logon the field office interface of the Unified portal to see and approve the request.
  5. They can also go to the “Member” tab and check out the online requests under “Details change request”.
  6. He would then request for a verification, post which he/she will recommend the case to the Section Supervisor.
  7. It is the prerogative of the Dealing Assistant to either approve or reject the plea. He just needs to select one of the two radio buttons for the same “Recommended for Approval” or “Recommended for Rejection”also proper comments with the same needs to be given. Similarly, the Section Supervisor also can submit his commendation to the APFC/RPFC.
  8. Now it is at the discretion of the APFC/RPFC to either approve or reject the plea.

Please remember, that there is no deadline set by EPFO for the same. Undoubtedly it is an online process but still the approval from the employer is compulsorily required. Also the update is permissible as per the details in the Aadhaar record. So before correcting the details in EPF UAN, get the Aadhaar card details corrected. Once it is done, getting the UAN data corrected would be very easy. Or else it can lead to upfront rejection.