Link Aadhaar with Axis Bank Account Online & Offline

Banking is a term used to accept deposits and advancing loans to the people. They make trade transactions easier. Banking does not need any introduction to anyone because all of us are aware of the fact that it has made the people’s life easier by providing services with a single click.

If you link the Aadhaar with the Axis Bank Account then it will be more beneficial for you while availing various services of the bank.

Link Aadhaar with Axis Bank

Link AAdhaar card with Axis Bank Account Online

Internet or website

You can link it with the help of internet by visiting the website. First of all, you have to visit axis bank website then login into your account and then click the option of “Aadhaar Seeding” link for registration and at last you have to enter all required details.

Phone Banking

You can dial from a registered mobile number also, you just need to contact the Phone Banking at 18604195555, after that, you have to select your desired language and Press 1 for Aadhaar updation.


You can link Aadhaar with ATM also. You just need to visit the nearest ATM to link it to your bank account. First of all, you have to insert a debit card then Select “Link Aadhaar no” from the main menu screen after that you have to enter PIN, enter Aadhaar no, Re-enter it and at last press on confirm.

Link Adhaar card with Axis Bank Account Offline

If you do not want to make the online process of linking Aadhaar with the account, then you can do it offline also. You just need to go the nearest branch of the Axis bank and contact bank staff. You have to fill up the resident consent form and attach an Aadhaar card photocopy, and then you have to submit it to the bank.  Before giving it to the bank you have to ensure that all the details are matched with the bank account details otherwise you can’t able to link it. After some day you receive a message on your phone that your Aadhaar was linked to the bank account.

Benefits of the link Aadhaar number with account

  • You can get an LPG cylinder subsidy amount directly into account if you link your Adhaar with the axis bank.
  • You can also get a subsidy on other product like kerosene, sugar, rice, pulses and many other products, that the prizes are subsidized are also directly transferred to the account.
  • A student can get scholarship easily if they have an account and linked Adhaar number with it.
  • Your account to be securely no one can hack your bank account easily.

If you want to know more about how to Link Aadhaar with Axis Bank Account Online & Offline than you can search on the internet also. On the internet, there are many websites which give you all information about link it to your account easily. You can search any time when you have a time because this service is available 24/7 all the time of day or night.