How to Link Aadhaar with Syndicate Bank Account Online & Offline

Nowadays, linking an Aadhaar Number with the pre-existing bank account is a legal obligation. As a respected citizen of India, an Aadhar Number is the one unique identification number that acknowledges your existence as an active citizen of the country. Linking an Aadhaar Number with the bank account is necessary for protection of the account and for keeping appropriate records.

Those who hold an account with Syndicate Bank can now safely and conveniently link their Aadhaar Number with their Syndiate Bank account both online and offline.

Read on to know how to link your Syndicate account with the Aadhaar via different channels.

Link Aadhaar with Syndicate Bank Account

Link your Aadhaar Number Via Internet Banking

You can now easily link your Aadhaar Number through the Internet Banking facility at the Syndicate Bank account. Just login to your Internet Banking account on the website. And, click on “Update Aadhaar Number” under the Customer Services tab.

Link your Aadhaar Number Via SMS Banking

In order to update your Aadhaar Number through SMS, just send in a request via SMS to 09241442255. The text format of the request should be as follows:

ADR <Customer-ID><CASA Acct-No><Aadhaar No>

Update your Aadhaar Number via ATM

This one is a special privilege for the Syndicate Bank Debit Card holders. Just insert your Syndicate Bank Debit Card into the ATM machine. After typing in the ATM Pin, the screen shall flash a range of options. Choose the “OTHERS” tab. You shall be taken to another screen with more options.

Select the “Aadhaar Update” option tab. Next, type in your Aadhaar Number. Then press “Confirm”. You would be asked to Re-Enter the Aadhaar Number. Please Re-Enter it as a confirmation of the same. Soon after, you shall be directed to the acknowledgement receipt with “Your Aadhaar Number Updated Successfully” printed on it.

Aadhaar Number Update Via Mobile Banking Facility

In order to link your Aadhaar Number through the Mobile Banking facility at Syndicate Bank, you should have an active Mobile Banking facility on your registered mobile. Just login to your Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking Account. Go to the “Requests” tab and click on it. Under the “Requests” tab, you shall find the “Register Aadhaar” option. Click on the tab to submit your details. Your account shall be immediately linked with your Aadhaar Number upon submission.

Seed Your Aadhaar Number through Personal Banking

You may directly visit any nearby Syndicate Bank Branch wherein you can submit the Aadhaar Linking(or Seeding) Consent Form. The consent form can also be downloaded from the Syndicate Bank website.

Link Your Aadhaar Number Via Bank Mitr Channel

As an esteemed Syndicate Bank account holder, you can also visit any of the Syndicate’s Bank Mitr Point. Make sure to carry details of your Account Number or Bank Pass Book (for Customer ID). The Bank Mitr shall register your request for linking the Aadhaar with your account and shall process it further through Micro ATM to the Bank.

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