I Lost My Registered Aadhar Card Mobile Number – What to do?

It is now safe to say that without a valid Aadhaar card with your proper details you can most certainly not do anything in India. Starting with buying a sim card to opening a bank account, every task needs you to have an Aadhaar Card. But the most important detail on your Aadhaar Card is your mobile number which is to be registered with your Aadhaar Card. This is to ensure your safety as well as mark your digital imprints in case of any unwanted activity or accident that may happen. If you want to update any changes to your Aadhaar Card via the online method then having the registered mobile number is most important. But if you have lost your phone any which way, then it will be quite a hassle if you did not update it with a new one soon enough.

The only way to get out of this situation is by changing the registered mobile number. Since, you’ve lost your existing registered mobile number, in this case, you will have to visit the nearest Aadhaar center and apply for the changing of your registered mobile number.

Steps to change registered mobile number on Aadhaar Card if you have lost the existing mobile number

As difficult as it may sound, the process is rather too easy and simple to pull off. In Fact, it takes only 15 days in total to change your Mobile number via this method. The steps to change the registered mobile number are given as follows:

=> The first step in this method is to download the Correction form from the UIDAI website.

=> Now be extremely careful and enter the details required using upper case letters.

=> Make sure that you enter all the details correctly and the new mobile number which is to be registered with your Aadhaar Card.

=> Remember to tick English as the language on your Aadhaar Card, or Hindi whichever way you like it.

=> Now, write an application stating the reason for the change of your mobile number, that is, you lost the existing one and attach it to the Correction form.

=> Send this form and the application to the nearest Aadhaar Card regional center.

=> You can find the address online depending on your state and district the regional centers are distributed.

The last step is to wait for the updating which you will receive as a text message on the newly registered mobile number.


    • Hina