How to Do UAN Registration – Check EPFO UAN Login Activation Status

UAN or Universal Account Number is a unique 12-digit account number for all EPFO members. It is a flagship system which is introduced for the employees by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). UAN is a unique account number which is allotted once per EPF member. You can withdraw and transfer your PF amount if you have UAN number.

Even after you change your job through your EPF account numbers or Member ID change, the Universal Account Number will always be the same. Capturing KYC details of the members is the main purpose behind introducing UAN in EPFO to avoid the dependency on employers. Instead of Member ID, the KYC details are now added to the Universal Account Number to further remove redundancy.


Knowledge of UAN is very important as now everything related to EPF is dependent on UAN. If you want to withdraw the EPF or even transfer the same or check the balance on EPF, UAN plays a vital role. So now the question is that how can you do the registration of your UAN?

Let us understand the process through the following methods

Method 1 – Through employer

Usually it is the employer who shares the EPFO as allocated to him by the EPFO. Some employers even mention the same in the pay slips as well.

Method 2 – Through the UAN portal with the help of PF member ID

In case your employer has not shared the UAN with you, if you left the employment or some other reasons, you can get the same through the portal as well. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

-} Visit the portal on the link

-} Click on “Know your UAN status

UAN Registration

-} Choose your region and the EPF office within the jurisdiction from the menu and fill in the details such as your PF number, name, birth date, contact number, captcha code and click on “Get Authorized PIN”.

-} You will now get a PIN on your registered mobile number which you will enter and press “Validate OTP and get UAN”

-} The UAN will now be sent on your registered mobile number.

UAN Activation Through Member Portal

Once the UAN is registered, the candidate has all the details with the help of which he can log on to the member portal. The candidate would be able to easily activate the UAN through the below mentioned procedures:

To activate your account through the member portal you must follow the steps below:

-} Visit the member portal and login:

-} For activation of UAN, click “Activate UAN

-} Punch in the required details such as PF number, Aadhaar number and PAN card number and the detailed personal information which is as per the EPFO database and you will get the Authorization PIN on your registered contact number.

-} You can now login using the UAN and the PIN to access your PF account.

To activate your UAN through the official website of EPF India, follow the below mentioned steps.

If you have the UAN and the PF account number you can activate your UAN easily.

Visit the official website of EPF India: and under the “Our services” tab, go to “For Employees”

Under the “Services Section” hit “Member UAN/Online services” and you will be now redirected to the “UAN Portal”

Go to the link “Activate your UAN” which is located just underneath the “Login”

  • Enter your details such as UAN and registered contact number and the PF account number. Punch in the Captcha code and click on “Get authorization PIN” after which you shall get a PIN on your number registered with the EPFO.
  • Under the Disclaimer, click “I Agree” checkbox and fill in the OTP that you received on your number in the space and then push “Validate OTP and Activate UAN”.
  • After the activation of UAN, the password will be send on your number which you can change after you log in to the UAN portal.

UAN Activation By SMS

The steps to activate the UAN through SMS are as under

You can now activate your UAN through SMS service in which you would be required to send a SMS to 7738299899 through the number as present in the UAN database. The format of the message would be EPFOHO ACT,<12 digit UAN number>,<<22 digit Member ID>> and send to 7738299899.

For example, if your UAN is 878787837471 and Member ID is AABBB76543210001234567, then type EPFOHO ACT, 123456789876, XXYYY12345670007654321 and send to the number mentioned above.

The steps to activate UAN through EPFO e-SEWA Android APP are as under:

The m-epf app is now available for the Android users who can use it for the activation of UAN:

  • Just open the app and click “Activate UAN and Balance/Passbook”.
  • On the Screen fill in the required details as asked
  • Submit and receive an activation PIN
  • Login using your UAN and the password and now you can check your Balance and can also perform activities such as withdrawal, transfer and all other activities related to the EPF.

How would you know the status of UAN Login?

All the members of EPFO can easily get the status of their UAN Status by filling up a status form which helps in generation of “Activation PIN” and also as per the procedure above where you will be selecting the “Know your UAN Status” Option. After the verification of your UAN you can log on to the member portal of EPF and see the status of UAN.

Importance of UAN and Its benefits for employees

Along with ease of operation, here are some other reasons you should have UAN for your EPF account –

  • The number would be the same and portable throughout the service.
  • You can check transfer claims
  • You can download UAN card anytime and anywhere
  • Add all the IDs of your previous members
  • You can upload the KYC documents online (scanned) and these are also verified by an employer
  • You can check your EPF balance online. You need to download EPF passbook for this.
  • You can add all the member IDs from previous employers


Fund Transfer

The best part of UAN is that it has made it a lot easier to transfer funds from old company to new. After completing the KYC verification by new employer, funds can easily and automatically be transferred from old employer to new.

Great Retirement Benefits

Earlier, the process of transferring fund from one account to another was very tedious and time consuming. So, the subscribers were used to withdraw funds instead of transferring them. As a result, they end up with lesser pension money after retirement. The amount of withdrawal also includes your employer’s contribution. Thanks to the UAN, transferring funds has never been so easier. Now account holders can easily get higher amount of pension after retirement when real need of cash arises.


The Universal Account Number (UAN) has been launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in India to make the lives of provident fund subscribers easier. Now every account holder has their own UAN and the intermediation of employer is no no longer required.


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