UIDAI: Schools Cannot Deny admission due to lack Of Aadhaar

In the recent days, few schools had denied admission to students who don’t have Aadhaar card. As per UIDAI, no such actions should be taken against the student. Some of the top schools have insisted Aadhaar number during admission, which left parents disappointed. Fortunately, a sudden move made by the Unique Identification Authority of India offer good relief to parents and students. It also imposed new rules states that those who don’t have their biometric updated in the database should contact the school administrator. It is purely the responsibility of the schools to update the biometrics of students in the database.

The UIDAI will not arrange special camps for Aadhaar enrollment for students and therefore it has exhorted educational institutions to coordinate with the educational department, post offices, banks, and local bodies. Bhushan Pandey, UIDAI CEO said that it is the responsibility of schools to conduct camps for facilitating Aaadhar enrollment process. A circular of Unique Identification Authority of India said that some schools are denying the admission due to the absence of Aadhaar number but such denials are prohibited and invalid. As we know, the 12-digitAadhaar number is essential for students from admission to availing scholarships to attending boarding exams.

Not just for board exams but also for competitive exams like UPSC, SCC, bank and other public sector exams. Aadhaar number plays a vital role in a student’s life. Hence, the UIDAI insists schools to hold special campus and provide biometric update facility for students who are 5 – 15 years old. The UIDAI also added that it is the responsibility of state government to organize enrolment cam through its district administration and state education department. A state can either conduct Aadhaar enrollment camp in nearby schools or coordinate with post offices and banks to arrange campus.

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