What are the benefits of linking Voter ID Card to Aadhar Card?

Aadhar card has become the identity proof which is accepted in all parts of the country and that’s why it has become compulsory to link all the necessary documents and accounts with the Aadhar card. Now, the government has asked the citizens to link their voter Id Cards with the Aadhar card as soon as possible.

The benefit of linking voter ID card to Aadhar Card

The government has asked the citizens to link their Voter Id Card to their Aadhar card so that the corruption can be reduced up to a certain extent because it would help in finding out the people who don’t pay taxes on time. Therefore, it would become difficult for the people to circulate black money in the country.

How can you link your voter ID Card to Aadhar Card?

For linking the Voter ID Card with the Aadhar Card, you will just need to follow a simple step. You can choose to do this by using the online process, call or SMS.

  • You will need to visit the Official website of NVSPhttp://electoralsearch.in/if you want to link voter card to Aadhar card through the online process.
  • One can also decide to send ECILINK<EPIC_NUMBER><AADHAR NUMBER> to 51969 or 166.
  • One can also make a call to connect the Voter ID card to the Aadhar card. You will just need to make a call on the number 1950 where you will just need to tell your EPIC number and the details of Aadhar card.