What is the Establishment Code in a PF account? How to Search it?

Every establishment/organization/company that is under the norms of Employee Provident Fund Organization is allotted a unique Establishment ID by the Government of India. The Extension number along with it refers to the branch of the company you are working in, if any.

This establishment code is a 5 digit number and is a part of the member id or the PF Account number. It is different from one organization to another. Usually this number is mentioned in the salary slips as well but if only the PF account number is mentioned, you can get in touch with the HR of your company to share the establishment code of the organization.

You can identify the establishment code using the below mentioned example:

The usual EPF number looks like this – AP/KKP/45789/000/0001223, wherein AP is the code of the state, KKP is the Regional Office code of EPF,45789 is the company/establishment code, 000 is the branch code of the establishment and 0001223 is the member ID or the PF account number.

How can you find the Establishment Code?

Alternatively, you can find the same on the Unified portal of EPF through the link –


  • Enter the name of establishment or the code number as these details can be sought through part of company name and/or company code number.
  • Punch in the Captcha code and click on “Search”.
  • The establishment code will be shown under the list of establishments.